Tbilisi Circus was built in 1940s and it is 75 years old since its foundation. According to location, equipment, architectural and technical levels Tbilisi Circus is one of the best not only in the post-Soviet space, but in the whole world as well. Famous circus world-class stars, Honored and People's Artists were brought up on its stage.

At present Tbilisi Circus is a legal entity of private law. By the direct efforts of the Georgian businessman and patron Badri Patarkatsishvili the complete capital repairs of the building were carried out in 2003, and the current redecorations in 2011, owing to which the Georgian Circus was kept in such look in which it is now and became a favorite and desired place for adults and children, and one of the leading cultural places of the capital as well.

The circus together with the festive center for children and adults, kids' attractions and objects of food creates a fine complex of the correct organization of free time of adults and children from the point of view of their spiritual and moral education.